Edinburgh: Best Restaurants

Wondering where Edinburgh best restaurants are? In this Edinburgh Best Restaurants article, we take you through the finest restaurants in the heart of Edinburgh, unveiling the most prominent places where you can enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience and dive into the unique flavors of Scottish food.

Scottish food in Edinburgh

While Scottish gastronomy might not top the list of the world’s most popular cuisines, it is a real paradise for lovers of intense and fresh flavors, particularly in Scotland’s capital. From classic dishes like haggis or Cullen Skink to innovative interpretations of traditional cooking, Edinburgh’s culinary scene is waiting to be explored.

Howies: It’s all about Scottish flavours

Howies is an essential culinary destination for those craving Scottish flavors. Using quality local ingredients, their menu celebrate Scotland’s culinary authenticity. Each dish is a true representation of Scotland’s rich pantry. Try the delicious Cullen Skink soup, classic Haggis, or the comforting “Le Casserole”. You can find Howies in the Old Town, on the Royal Mile, and in the New Town, on Waterloo Place. The latter has a cozy ambiance and an elegant Georgian dining room.

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Edinburgh food and restaurants


Makars Gourmet: A Culinary Delight in Old Town

Located near the Writers’ Museum, Makars Gourmet is a prime spot to enjoy the best of Scottish cuisine in the heart of Old Town. The menu is a balanced mix of traditional classics and innovative culinary creations, including haggis with smooth mashed potatoes and turnips, and Cullen Skink, a delightful smoked fish cream soup. Don’t miss out on their fresh Scottish salmon, smoked to perfection, or the whisky-marinated venison steak.

Whisky Bar and Restaurant: A Scottish Pub on the Royal Mile

The Whisky Bar and Restaurant is a quintessential Scottish pub on the Royal Mile, blending a passion for whisky with delicious cuisine. It offers an extensive selection of whisky and standout dishes like salmon and Haggis tower with whisky sauce, as well as vegetarian options like vegetable haggis terrine. With cozy surroundings, whisky tastings, and live music on many weekends, it’s the perfect spot for an authentic Scottish experience.

The Doric: Edinburgh’s Oldest Gastro-Pub

The Doric, Edinburgh’s oldest gastro-pub dating back to the 17th century, is a cozy and history-filled venue. Its menu features aromatic Haggis with parsnip puree and grilled Scottish salmon with dill sauce, among other Scottish delights like whisky-matured Angus beef steak and scallops with butter and lemon sauce. With friendly service and a warm atmosphere, The Doric is an ideal spot for a genuine gastronomic experience in Edinburgh.

Haggis Box: Haggis on the Go

How about a take-away? The Haggis Box offers delicious haggis… on the go! Located within the Scottish Storytelling Center on the Royal Mile, in one of Edinburgh’s most ancient settings, it provides a relaxed environment where to taste Scotland’s iconic dish. They also serve vegetarian haggis!

Beyond Restaurants: Enjoy Scottish Cuisine

We hope our guide to Edinburgh best restaurants helps you on your culinary journey. If you’re looking to delve deeper into Scottish gastronomy and culture, get in touch with us!

We design private customised tours of Edinburgh, including a popular one that combines history and food. Stroll around the Old Town, learn about key historical moments, and stop to sample delicious food along the way. What’s not to like?

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